Corporate Social Responsibility

Doing the right thing for our people, our business and the environment.

As an innovative company leading organisations along the Efficient Energy Management journey, it is our obligation to lead by example whilst endorsing our social responsibility.

Ecopare recognises that the route to achieving and sustaining our competitive edge is through our people and our relationship with our stakeholders: customers, business partners, suppliers and communities.

We do the right thing because:

  • Customers want to buy from companies that share their values
  • Colleagues want to work for companies with similar values that provide a safe environment
  • Communities want companies that create income, jobs and cohesion, and build neighbourhoods where people want to live and work

Our CSR vision incorporates:

  • Creating an environment where our customers, business partners, suppliers and employees want to work with us
  • Continued legislation and compliance with industry quality and environmental standards
  • Measuring and providing accountability for all aspects of our business
  • Researching and encouraging innovation for greener and more environment friendly technologies

Projects we are involved in:

  • Guildford Borough Council’s Hydro Education Workshops
  • Surrey Wildlife Trust
  • Sponsorships (Woking & Sam Beare Hospice, Devon Shadbolt for Team GB Inline Puck Roller Hockey Team)