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Measurement & Verification of Energy Savings


Ecopare provides an impartial evaluation of savings of energy efficiency projects.

Internally, all our energy reduction projects are evaluated against the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) to ensure the savings are genuine. We use a standard methodology that can be replicated across all areas of energy management and energy conservation.

This solution is also available to other clients and solution providers to provide an impartial evaluation as to the savings they should expect. Our team that delivers this solution are all Certified Measurement and Verification Professionals (CMVP's) who can sign off the savings with confidence.

Tailored Measurement and Verification projects

Not all M&V projects are equal so we tailor our methodology to deliver projects such as:

  • Independent verification of an energy savings, water reduction or renewable generation project
  • Development of plans for clients or solution providers which can be used to sign off on the savings delivered by an energy reduction project
  • Assistance in developing ongoing measurement of improvements for ISO50001 and other Energy Management Systems

Key Benefits

  • Ecopare's M&V consultants are CMVP qualified
  • We are independent so ensure impartial reporting of savings
  • We can scale our solution from verifiying a single process/ project or across an entire estate/organisations' energy savings
  • We have the ability to provide the resources to develop the M&V plan, measure the energy and to verify the savings

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