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Smart Metering for Business and Industrial facilities


Ecopare has been installing energy meters across its client base for over 8 years. These meters record many types of energy data including electricity, gas, water and other fuels, as well as environmental & operational data such temperature, pressure, air flow and vibration/ strain data.

We use a variety of energy meters linked to our cloud-based servers via technologies such as TCP/IP, wireless, GSM and LoRa. We believe that if there is a working energy system, we can measure it and we have expert knowledge in retro-fitting into existing energy systems.

Retrofit metering

The majority of our clients have existing buildings and facilities that they would like better information on their energy consumption.

Our solution is based on a retrofit model where we will install meters at any point within the energy system to gain meaningful data. This could be at a building level, a floor level or even down to an asset level. Our qualified engineers can install meters on a range of utilities including electricity, gas, water, compressed air or steam.

All data is passed to our cloud-based servers for analysis via our secure networks. These networks can be independent of the IT infrastructure so as not to provide any weak points in our client’s cyber security. We make use of wireless technologies such as Zigbee, m-Bus Wireless, LoRa, Sigfox and GSM to transmit the data to our servers.

All the energy information is available across multiple devices and can be exported to other energy management systems.

Project based Metering

Temporary energy metering is a good way to gather evidence to justify a capital expenditure or whether by changing a process or equipment usage, will a savings be made. This is especially useful in Measurement and Verification projects.

Ecopare have developed a low-cost solution that will measure all types of energy data across a facility. We can deploy from 1 to over 250 sensors in a facility to allow us to create a real energy consumption model rather than a predicted or estimated model.

Our IoT based sensors captures data from the following types of energy:

  • Electric current (5A to 600A), voltage (V) and power (kWh)
  • Gas, water, fuel (m3)
  • Pulse Counts or analog output
  • Pressure (Bar) and flow (cfm)
  • Temperature (C), Humidity (RH%) and Light Levels (Lux)
  • Footfall and occupancy
  • Vibration and Thermography

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